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Live Reading Diagnostic 4-8th grade for The Homeschool Quest

Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential: Live Class Reading Diagnostic for Grades 4-8


Debra Shepherd

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Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential: Live Class Reading Diagnostic for Grades 4-8

Empower Your Child's Learning Journey - Only $30 (normally $100)

Are you ready to discover the strengths and opportunities in your child's reading abilities? Our 35-minute Live Class Reading Diagnostic is tailored for students in 4th to 8th grade, designed to illuminate the path to academic success and confidence in reading.

Here's What You'll Get:

- Personalized Scheduling: Upon purchase, you'll gain access to our scheduling platform. Choose the date and time that seamlessly fits your family's routine.

- Interactive Live Diagnostic Session: In a supportive and engaging online environment, your child will participate in a comprehensive reading diagnostic. It's an opportunity to shine and identify areas for growth, all from the comfort of your home.

- Customized Feedback Within 24 Hours: We don't just stop at diagnostics. You'll receive a detailed, personalized PDF report highlighting specific skills your child excels in and areas that might need a little extra attention.

- Exclusive Guidance Video: Alongside the report, you'll get an instructional video detailing how to discuss the diagnostic results with your child positively and constructively. It's all about encouragement and motivation!

Why Choose Our Reading Diagnostic?

- Tailored to Your Child: We understand that every child is unique. Our diagnostic approach is designed to cater to individual strengths and learning needs.

- Expert-Led and Engaging: Our sessions are conducted by experienced educators who know how to make learning fun and effective.

- More Than Just a Diagnostic: We provide actionable insights and tools to help you and your child navigate the learning journey together.

- Positive Learning Experience: We believe in turning challenges into opportunities. The word "diagnostic" is not daunting here; it's the key to unlocking potential and setting goals.

Take the First Step Towards Academic Excellence

Don't let uncertainties hold your child back. Join us in this transformative experience that goes beyond traditional diagnostics. Let's map out a successful learning journey together, one step at a time.

Book Your Spot Today for Only $30 and Embark on a Path to Reading Success!

Diagnostic doesn't have to be an "ugly" word. It's a gateway to understanding, a tool for growth, and most importantly, a starting point for achieving dreams. Let's make it a positive milestone in your child's educational journey.

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