Unlock the Power of Grammar with Our 20-Week Middle School Grammar Bootcamp for Homeschoolers, Taught by a Certified Teacher with an English Degree!

When: January - May 2024

Class limit: 10 per class (max)

Time Option:
January 8, Monday at 12pm,

January 9, Tuesday at 5pm,

January 10, Wednesday at 12pm,


January 11, Thursday at 5pm.

Select one. All times are in Central Time Zone. The one you select will be your weekly day and time for the 20-week bootcamp.

Where: Live Zoom Class

Cost: $20 a week!

Are you ready to take your homeschooling experience to the next level by providing your middle schooler with a solid foundation in grammar? Our 20-Week Middle School Grammar Bootcamp is designed exclusively for homeschoolers and is led by a certified teacher with an English degree, ensuring your child is well-prepared for success in school and beyond.

Program Highlights:

20 Weeks of Comprehensive Homeschool Grammar Program:

Starting from January and running through May, our structured and affordable program offers an in-depth exploration of essential grammar concepts.

Small Class Sizes for Personalized Attention:

Each class is limited to a maximum of 10 homeschool students, ensuring individualized support from a certified teacher.

Live Weekly Zoom Classes:

Every week, your child will join a live Zoom class taught by a certified teacher with an English degree, providing expert guidance and the opportunity to ask questions and receive real-time feedback.

Focused Skill of the Week:

Each week, we'll dive deep into a specific grammar skill, ensuring that your homeschooler truly masters it before moving on.

Grammar Practice for Mastery:

Alongside live classes, your child will receive tailored grammar exercises and assignments, designed to reinforce the week's skill. These assignments are to be completed outside of class, fostering independent learning.

Affordable Grammar Education:

Our program is priced at just $20 per week, making quality grammar education accessible to all homeschooling families under the guidance of a certified teacher with an English degree.

Why Choose the Light Up Literature™ Grammar Bootcamp ?

Expert Grammar Instructors for Homeschoolers:

Our certified teacher with an English degree is experienced in teaching middle school homeschool students and is passionate about helping them succeed.Small Classes for Personalized Attention:With a maximum of 10 homeschool students per class and guidance from a certified teacher, your child will receive the individualized support they need to excel.

Progressive Curriculum:

Our 20-week program, taught by a certified teacher, is thoughtfully structured, building on each week's skills to create a strong grammar foundation.

Real-World Relevance of Grammar:

Proper grammar is an essential life skill, not just for academic success but also for future careers and personal communication.

Interactive Learning:

Our live Zoom classes, taught by a certified teacher, are engaging and encourage active participation, making learning fun and effective.

Requirements for Participation:

To ensure a positive and productive learning experience for all students, we kindly request the following:


Zoom Navigation:

Participants should have the ability to navigate Zoom independently to actively engage in live classes.

Kindness and Respect:

We expect all students to be kind, courteous, and respectful to both their fellow students and the instructor. A respectful and inclusive environment is crucial for effective learning.

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Give your homeschooler the gift of exceptional grammar skills that will last a lifetime. Ensure their success in school and future endeavors with our 20-Week Middle School Grammar Bookcamp for Homeschoolers, taught by a certified teacher with an English degree.Spaces are limited, so don't miss this opportunity! Secure your child's spot today and watch them grow into a confident and articulate communicator, guided by a certified teacher.

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Give your homeschooler the competitive advantage of strong grammar skills under the guidance of a certified teacher with an English degree. It's an investment in their future that pays dividends for years to come.

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